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The Kosmoström Science Fiction Floorplan System: Synthicide Edition  is a print and play system for the display and exploration of interior environments for role-playing and tabletop wargames. Suitable for any grim dark, cyber future RPG or wargame setting, Kosmoström Synthicide Edition is designed with special reference to the dark science fiction game Synthicide RPG from Will Power Games.

Print, cut and rooms, corridors and doors to the required size for the published module or home-brew adventure you are playing and lay down elements to unveil the floorplan as it is explored. Print as many sheets as you need to create increasingly larger and more complex interior structures.

Kosmoström Synthicide Edition is designed on a 25mm / 5ft scale grid and is 100% compatible with both Planström, Kosmostrom and most popular science fiction miniatures ranges and tabletop roleplaying game systems. 

Kosmoström Synthicide Edition: Room, Corridor, Doors, Furniture & Cargo contains five unique sheets of vector graphic floorplan tiles:

  • Kosmoström Synthicide Edition: Sheet A Rooms large panel set designed for rooms and open spaces 
  • Kosmoström  Synthicide Edition Sheet B Corridors with small repeating panels for corridors and enclosed spaces
  • Kosmoström  Synthicide Edition Sheet C Doors one sheet of doors, including airlocks, bulkheads and force-fields
  • Kosmoström  Synthicide Edition Sheet D Furniture one sheet of Synthecide themed furniture including control decks, hacking computers, workshops, cybernetic parts, engineering  units and more
  • Kosmoström  Synthicide Edition Sheet E Cargo one sheet of cargo canisters covering the full range of Synthicide themed cargo - from Common goods, to Luxury items and advanced technology to mysterious Artifact crates

Kosmostrom: Synthicide Edition expresses the grungy, shabby-tech feel of the Synthecide universe, and is perfectly suited fo creating abandoned, low-maintainance and decrepid level environemnts such as Sharpers spaceships, illegal gang bases to the work-satellites of crumbing interstellar corporations and halls of the Tharnaxist machine cult. This set is 100% compatible with Kosmostrom: Set One which provides even more science-fiction furniture options and a contrasting clean, high-tech space suitable for wealthy high-maintanance environments. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Scale / 25mm
  • Color / Mono (black)
  • Paper Size / DIN A4 (will print confortably on US letter paper)
  • Resolution / 1200 dpi
  • Sheets / 4
  • Filetype / PDF
  • Filesize / 9 MB

Use Kosmoström  Synthicide Edition to lay out floorplans of Tharnaxist industrial complexes, Spaceships, Clipper, Corvette, Freighter. Orbital space-stations, and other interior spaces of the dark future.

Zhu Industries recommends using a metal straight edge and a sharp craft knife or scalpel to cut printed sheets to the desired size. Please ensure your printer is set to print 100% - do not 'scale to fit'.


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