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Vlätkrig Set Four: The Vackreth Deörghast  contains 5 unique characters for you to print,  cut-out and play.

Vackreth Deörghast

Vackreth Deörghast sheet contains multiple undead animalfolk based on British endangered species*.

  • Þyrneoten Draenoch | Hedgehog
  • Chamblaka | Bat
  • Cörach Gjölich | Water Vole
  • Nythöch | Adder
  • Mawdech Sythmús | Hazel Dormouse

Instruction Sheet

An easy to follow instruction sheet showing you ste by step how to construct your Vlátkrig paper miniatures.

VTT Tokens

Alongside the PDF of Print-and-Play characters, this package comes complete with a ZIP file containing a 32-bit transparent PNG of each of the characters for use with your favourite Virtual Table Top platform.

What are Vackreth Deörghast?

The Deörghast are the vengeance driven undead revenants of animal genocide, who have crossed the filth choked river that once separated the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Inspired by folklore, animal rights activism, climate emergency, species extinction,  the fantasy literature of Richard Adams, Robert Holstock H.P. Lovecraft and industrial crustpunk. The Vackreth Deörghast can be used as representations of undead creatures in most  popular fantasy tabletop games.

What is Vlätkrig?

Vlätkrig is Zhu Industries range of paper miniatures, standees, flats, tokens, paper figures,  etc. designed to be an affordable, accessible, aesthetically unique and ecologically friendly alternative to plastic and metal miniatures.

Each figure, front and back, is hand drawn using old school pens and paper, before being scanned at super-high resolution and digitally flat-packed into a PDF for delivery through the interwebs.

Vlätkrig is round, 25mm / 1" bases, compatible with all editions of Dungeons and Dragons, OSR games with a tabletop component, Frostgrave 2nd Edition, Warhammer 2nd Edition, Warhammer 40:000 Rogue Trader, Age of Sigmar, 7TV Fantasy, and other popular tabletop adventure skirimish wargames.

All Vlätkrig Fantasy Paper miniatures have been designed to be fully compatible with Zhu Industries Planström Dungeon Floorplan System products.

* Please note: 25% of each sale of Vackreth Deörghast will be donated to wildlife charities to help build a sustainable future for these species.

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Black and White, Fantasy, Horror, Print & Play


Get this set of paper minis and 6 more for £13.93 GBP
View bundle
Buy Now£1.99 GBP or more

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A great addition to the sets, tons of atmosphere to these undead! Love that a part goes to wildlife charities, such a cool idea.


Thank you! Glad you like them.