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Vlätkrig Set One: The Gnörf Wardens of Legend contains 7 unique characters for you to print,  cut-out and play.

  • 4x two-handed axes and shields
  • 3x spears and shields

Gnorf wardens contain multiple genders and ethnicities.

Alongside the Gnörves is a sheet of scatter terrain featuring:

  • 2x hedges
  • 1x small tree

What are Gnörves?

Gnörves are the weird crusty folk that can be found skulking in hedgerows and generally minding their own business. A cantankerous and curmudgeonly sort, as likely to be grumbling amongst themselves as performing their solemn duties as caretakers and tenders of the the Edgelands, the borders between the cultivated lands and the Great Wilds of the world. 

Inspired by the classic fantasy works of Tolkien, Gygax, Pratchett,  Gnörves are drawn from the fantasy and folkloric archetypes of Dwarves and Gnomes, and can be used as representations of such ceatures in popular fantasy tabletop games.

What is Vlätkrig?

Vlätkrig is Zhu Industries range of paper miniatures, standees, flats, tokens, paper figures,  etc. designed to be an affordable, accessible, aesthetically unique and ecologically friendly alternative to plastic and metal miniatures.

Each figure, front and back, is hand drawn using old school pens and paper, before being scanned at super-high resolution and digitally flat-packed into a PDF for delivery through the interwebs.

Vlätkrig is round, 25mm / 1" bases, compatible with all editions of Dungeons and Dragons, OSR games with a tabletop component, Frostgrave 2nd Edition, Warhammer 2nd Edition, Warhammer 40:000 Rogue Trader, Age of Sigmar, 7TV Fantasy, and other popular tabletop adventure skirimish wargames.

All Vlätkrig Fantasy Paper miniatures are designed to be fully compatible with Zhu Industries Planström Dungeon Floorplan System products.

V.2.3: Public Beta Edition

The current edition of Vlätkrig Set Two: Gnörf Wardens of Legend is an early access, soft-launch, open beta edition, available on a pay-what-you-want basis. A suggested donation is £1.99, but feel free to pay whatever you think it is worth, we know times are tight, so if you can't afford anything, don't worry! The Public Beta will be used to determine final price on final release, and any donation will be gratefully received as encouragement to continue the Vlatkrig project.

Development Roadmap

At the time of writing there is a very loose roadmap for the development of Vlätkrig, 25mm Fantasy Paper Miniatures that includes:

  • A step-by step how-to-make guide, with handy hints  - Now included (v2.2) !
  • Hedge scenery based on traditional woodcraft techniques - Now included (v2.3)!
  • Background information on the Gnörves
  • A full-colour, hand painted version to complement the line art
  • Transparent PNGs for virtual tabletops 
  • A prototype introductory skirmish wargame scenario and rules based on [RND] a Fighting Fantasy style / Troika-esque  game engine.
  • Vlätkrig Set Two: Haemogoblin Warriors*
  • Vlätkrig Set Three: Kobling Raiding Party*

As a participant in the Vlätkrig Public Beta, you instantly become a member of the exclusive Vlätkrig Community - your views and input will help shape the future direction of Vlätkrig.

*to be sold separately.

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These are super cool. I've been looking around for flats for some early Warhammer gaming. Thanks for making these! 

Hey, thanks, glad you like them. Early Warhammer is a big inspiration for me - when Set Two and Set Three are done, that should be all the figures needed for Ziggurat of Doom from 1st Edition!


Amazing! Love those early skirmish modules. Also thanks for making this B&W, totes fits great with my aesthetic.